New Year In The Garden.

It is time to visit the backyard, I am sure a lot of happening out there. Indeed there are, but not all are good. Old flowering plants need to be pulled out, another plant needs to be replaced and a couple of potted plants are ready to be repotted.  That means I have to go to the shop to get a potting mix, new seedlings and a new plant for the replacement which is I am not sure that I need to get one after all.
You know what I am ready to work in the garden this time, and I shall be wearing my new hat the give of my Secret Santa, and the new apron was the belated birthday gift from Jane

Bunnings we went and was lucky enough to get beautiful potted plants and vegetable seedling as well. As the potting mix was overlooked, I had to go to another

Ready to work, to plants these fellows, and hoping they will grow well and flowering soon.| Two red Mandevilla Sanderi are potted and now they are sitting among other plants.  It was a busy day, preparation for the flower bed took enough time, but it’s all good.  All the plants are at their own places, the right area, I am sure they will be happy and growing fast.

Not far from what I have been working, Rayner decided to cut the grass, indeed it is needed.  We are both working in the same place, but seldom talking to one another,  to engross for what we are doing.  It is a good thing, we got the job done in time.
I am so pleased that the Espalier Fuji apple has been repotted as well as the standard Dipladenia Sanderii.

Long enough we were gardening, practically I spent the whole morning and afternoon there and finished around two.

So good, after a shower, feeling fresh and clean,  looking out and checking to what I did was very satisfying.  Resting on my favourite chair was good and I could not help myself thinking what I have to do next.   Gardening is endless as you know.

It has been a good start for the New Year, I am sure it will be more good thing coming to us.  I am so ready what 2018 brings.


Enjoy the first month of the New Year




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