No, Recipes!

Everyday Cooking.

For my daily cooking is easy, without recipes to follow and the dishes that I cooked worked out alright. Actually cooking is more relaxed if I just go with the flow. Use any ingredients what I have, and from that, I could decide what the dish is going to be, and what technique I would like to go about. No, I don’t even think about the technique of cooking, I simply cooking and listen to my heart.  That is the way to go.  Easy and No Fuss.
Following a recipe faithfully is good, nothing wrong with that, that’s why cooking books are everywhere. They are there for everyone, to guide us as I believe.

This is my story, one day I was cleaning up my kitchen and I realised that the pear I bought last week were overripe and they are not good for eating.  I had to do something about these pears, I didn’t want to waste them. Coffee Cake with Pear, that’s should be good.

I had all the ingredients for the cake, and indeed the cake was baked successfully, without any recipe. That was a time to be creative and productive.

The Preparation
Poach the pear in coffee syrup, followed by preparing the cake batter.

Beautiful Coffee Cake with Pear.  The glossy pear adorns the cake richly and lusciously.   It’s moist and delicious to serve with cream or serve it warm with a sauce flavoured with the liquor Tia Maria.


The Breaking Of The Bread

The joy of the breaking bread to share and to serve for dinner is . . . . . . . Once you have baked a perfect loaf, you want the best to serve it with.  I had fresh chicken chops ready in the fridge, preserved lemon too.  Chicken with preserved lemon was cooked ready in no time, and served with the leafy salad to complement the chicken and garnished with the bread. It’s a good meal and  ‘NO Fuss’.
Perfect sourdough bread freshly baked the ‘Boule’ complemented the evening meal.  It was so priceless of breaking the bread the fresh loaf for the family dinner.

I do have a collection of cooking books, thanks to my family and my girls who bought me cooking books of famous authors.  Through the books, I learnt how to cook, and to be a better cook.

Following recipes faithfully is important to get the perfect dishes, however, you can always improvise and to be creative, use your imagination and follow-listen to your heart.  Have it a go, you may be surprised!


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Easter 2018


A Peaceful Easter

Belated Easter Good Wishes to You All.  We enjoyed our Easter Celebration it was just the two of us.  It is time for us to understand that our children have grown up having their own family and living so far away from us that makes them very hard to come for visits.  We had a peaceful Easter at our home, and we were pleased to be able to talk to all children and grandchildren via telephone and FaceTime.

Our Easter Breakfast

We were very relaxed, took it as it was an ordinary day, went out for a bit after our Easter Breakfast that was boiled eggs, Brioche and mini chocolate eggs. Visited the nursery up the road as it was having a big sales.  The weather was good to look around in the outdoor sections, lots pots and also ornaments.  The collections of plants were plenty, and there was a special plant with unusual leaf -Myrtle with black leaf was offered but not at the good price, but still affordable.  I could not help it to get one, as I have not got this particular plant yet, it would add a lovely foliage to my garden.  I kept it in the pot and planning to plant it properly next year.
Fresh air, walking around the garden in the nursery did us good, felt fresh and restful.  Got home and getting ready for our lunch.  It was a treat doing cooking preparation without any time frame.  Do as you like it.  So that was I did, cooking fish with simple garnishes.

Fresh and Festive, Our Easter Lunch. Light and Lovely.

In the afternoon we rested well and listened to the beautiful music in our living room.  We enjoyed the peacefulness of the day, a new tradition maybe took place, Easter Celebration just the two of as the children spent their time with their family at their own home.

In the late afternoon, cooking continued for our Dinner.  Apart from the preparation was done the night before, so the cooking was easy and fast.  But by Dinner time around six o’clock, we had no room left to take any food.  it was ashamed that the food sat on the dinner table untouched.

The Easter Dinner: Chicken Ballotine garnished with beans and Jus.In the end, we had a supper, a very small served of the Ballotine of chicken and the garnishes.  It was delicious, and indeed we close off the day with greatness.

The kitchen closed before ten and enjoyed a pleasant night.

We had a Very Peaceful and Happy Eater, and I hope You All did too.



The cooking and preparation of the Ballotine.


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