Pink and Pink

Paris Brest a beautiful cake that I baked for the contribution to the Biggest Morning tea, to raise money for the Cancer Council was delightful.  It’s my own style of Paris Brest, but it turned out very well, the cake was light and luscious

Susi Paris Brest

I don’t have a recipe to share but I can tell you, what is it made out of. Paris Brest is a large round choux pastry filled with custard or Chantilly cream and dressed the top with powder sugar or any sweets as you wish to have. Traditionally it serves for dessert.

The Preparation.
Sugared Rose Petals, the filling of the Choux Pastry, the drizzling of the pink chocolate ganache, that all these steps made a gorgeous Pink Paris Brest.

The custard was a smooth light French Patisiere and the melted white chocolate added pink colouring and butter was the pretty ganache.
The Pink Chocolate Ganache.

Paris Brest is served for a dessert, as I mentioned before, but I did not mind to serve the Paris Brest for morning tea, simply place a slice on a serviette, and indeed it was a delight for everyone.

For next year, I don’t know what sweet or cake I would prepare for the Biggest Morning tea, but time will tell, I am blessed to be able to participate in for the past few years.



Pink Orchid-Cymbidium
My cymbidium Kirby Lash, the orchid came back to flower, it was a stem of orchid on the plant when I got, indeed I expected to have more stems in the coming year.  However, it is not a disappointment.  The pink flower is so soft and pretty, the flowering orchid sits at the kitchen table for the family to see, we love it, it’s beautiful, it adorns the place.

More Pink Cakes

A leftover the choux paste to bake for a large choux pastry, this time it filled with cream Chantilly and dressed in sugared petal, slivered almond and finished off with sprinkling powder sugar.  You could do so much with choux pastry, it can be filled with savoury as well, and often I do just that.


Pretty Pink

A pink sponge cake for family and friends, it was a thank giving.  Fifteen years exactly, good years to be in our home.  It was built for us to retire, and we have been living it with peace and lots of joy.  The house has a lovely garden which I have created with pride and the surrounding is quiet and more so we are blessed with good neighbours.  The children come for visits, friends stop by for cuppa tea, it’s a happy home.  The pink cake was enjoyed by All, it’s a perfect cake for the celebration.


Pink Fever

We are not supposed to eat lots of cakes, but this time is an exception.  We have been away for six weeks in Europa, visited Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Checkoslovakia, and had a grand time.  But by the time we got home, the cold weather hit us so badly and we end up with a cold.  It was a bad cold and very tiring, but not for long we recovered and I was able to fill up these commitments, baking for community and friends.  As I said before after suffering from cold, we got so tired easily, and long to have sweets on our diet.  Well, I followed with the flow, sweets we needed, sweet we got.  All goodness of the sweet helped us to recover, and indeed we have our energy back.  No more excuses to eat cakes or sweets, it is time to stop, and cooking light, fresh food is the way to go.
It is winter, and poaching fruits are taking place in my kitchen.  This time poached apple in red wine, as I wanted the pink colour-pink apple for the filling of my almond cake.

It worked very well, the apple has beautiful bright pink, what you have to do only add a little red wine otherwise the colour becomes a deep red.  Here we go again, baking another cake.  But the cake is for freezing, to supply for the springtime.

How did I go with my almond cake?  It was a big surprise, the cake turned out different as I expected.  But it’s all good, now it is in the freezer and ready to dress when I need it.

We were tickled pink to have those sweets and cakes and so the family.

The Pink Cake no more for us, instead we have to settle with fruit scones or date scones for our sweets if there are any baking day.   Scone is always popular, particularly the freshly baked to be served with our cuppa.  These days we have to be happy with plain Mari biscuits the bought one.



Note: More information of Paris Brest, look up to the Wikipedia.