Braised Chicken

To celebrate the last week of winter by cooking delicious food in the oven, it keeps the kitchen warm.  No, it was not roasting but braising.  A very tasty braised chicken with red wine to serve for our Sunday best and garnished with mashed potato, followed by a leafy green salad. It was such a delightful dinner.

Braised Chicken with Red Wine

1 whole bird free range chicken-cut into 8
Salt, white pepper to rub the chicken
Aromatic Vegetables
2 red onions-cut into four for an onion
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup diced celery
2 bacon pieces, chopped
3 tablespoons braised tomato
1 tablespoon sugar
1 and 1/2 cup red wine
1 cup chicken stock
Herb-bay leaf, rosemary and thyme

To garnish: fresh flat parley and button mushroom

Note: ask the butcher to cut the whole bird, he will do the job well.

The Ingredients and the step by step how do you cook the braised chicken with wine.

The Process of The Cooking

Use a heavy based pot.
Rub each piece of chicken with salt and white pepper.
Pan fry the chicken in the pot, skin down, you do not need the oil at first, after turning
over the chicken, add a little oil to continue to cook.

Take and transfer the chicken from the cooking pot to a plate, put in the onions and
the aromatic vegetable to the pot and deglaze the pot with some of the red wine.

Put the chicken back to the pot, add in the rest of the wine and cook for 5 minutes
before you add in the stock.  Turn the chicken over, put the lid on and braised for 15 minutes.  Transfer the pot to a hot oven at 165 degrees C, braised for one hour.

Note: Taste the seasoning,  cover the pot, and braise over the stove top.
After finished braising, take the oven power off, but leave the pot inside the oven for 35 minutes.
The final result of the dish should be looking moist, and only a little sauce around the chicken.

A beautiful looking braised chicken, rich and moist.

Preparing the Garnishes, pan-fry mushrooms and fresh parsley

The finished dish of the braised chicken with red wine. It’s beautifully garnished with the mushroom and fresh chopped flat parsley.

The cold weather is here right now, a time to cook the dish, have fun and enjoy!

Braised Chicken with Red Wine Served with Boiled Potato

Variation serving the dish: you could serve the braised chicken with pasta, boiled potato dressed in butter.



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