European cooking, from baking, braising, to roasting, they are pretty simple, and I love the cooking method. This time I did terrine vegetables, it is delicious, and it does look pretty on a plate.  I made the best of silverbeet leaves the last harvest from the vegetable garden.  To serve this dish with meat and potato, or served it as a vegetarian side dish.

Fresh Silverbeet, Carrots and Mushrooms
Eggs and Breadcrumbs and herbs

Trim the silverbeet, use the green only, wash and blanched for a few seconds
Drain to dry, place the leaves in the terrine, make sure some of the leaves overhang the baking dish.  Keep it aside.
Prepare the filling-carrots and mushrooms
Grated the carrots and cook lightly with oil, when it is cold add an egg, breadcrumb, mix together, keep aside.  Similarly, you do with the mushrooms.
Cook sliced mushroom, add some thyme, egg and breadcrumb, mix together

Scoop the mushrooms mixture, place on the terrine, press a little and level
Put the carrot on top of the mushroom to make a good layer, level  nicely

Cover the top with a layer silverbeet leaves, and bring the overhang silverbeet leaves over to cover the filling.  Now put the lid of the terrine on, and bake in a moderately hot oven for 45 minutes.

Leave it stays for 10 minutes on the dish, transfer to a serving plate, slice to serve

Now, you have it, a sample of cooking based on European cooking.

Trancam is a Javanese vegetable salad.  I do this salad for one of the Javanese dishes for a banquet

I owe my daughter and her husband a birthday dinner, so last week I cooked beautiful and delicious Javanese dishes.

Javanese Food


These dishes: Trancam, Empal, Capjae, Sayur Lodeh Tofu, Terik Ayam, Sambal Telur, keringan, krupuk Udang,  sambal goreng udang and steamed white rice.
(A balanced dish to serve, savoury, hot and a touch of sweetness),  Delicious.

The Javanese herbs and spices are easily available in the market or supermarket.

  • chilli, onion, garlic, salam leaf, peteh (strong flavour of bean), lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal, ginger and dried prawns.

A Recipe

Sayur Lodeh Tofu
Firm Tofu, Puff Tofu-Diced
Coconut milk
Salt and Sugar

onion, garlic, chilli, sliced finely
A sliced of galangal, and daun salam (salam leaf)

Place the coconut  milk in a cooking pot (add some water to lightened)
Add the spices, cook over low heat and bring to a gentle simmer
Add in the tofu, and season with salt and  a little Sugar
Continue cooking for 10 minutes over a low heat, keep the gentle simmer going.
Transfer to a serving dish.  Serve hot or at room temperature.

The traditional Javanese cooking is served hot or room temperature.


More cooking soon.


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