Summer in My Backyard.


If you live in a part of the world where I am, summertime is hot and dry.  This year there is no drought in my area, but indeed we do need rains.  My backyard is so dry, I have been watering endlessly but it is not enough, however, the plants are growing and overall is looking green, even though the grass is brownish.

The summer roses are back with smallish flowers, and at the moment the shrubs look shabby with the dry roses.  Cutting the buds to keep in vases keep last, and enjoy the full bloom longer,  it is the best way.

It is always one to make you happy, the Madenvilla sanderi that I planted two years ago is taking off, and it is flowering now.  The red colour looks amazingly beautiful against the white wall just as I would imagine,  A perfect planting.

The hot weather makes the potted plants to beg for special attention, they want the soil to stay moist, watering regularly and adding the mulch should be done as well.

There are not enough mulch on these potted plants, so far they are alright though.  The Hindy Robe Hoya found a place, it sits under the eve, and the two potted vegetable plants eggplant, basil, chives and the chilli are very promising in fact they are fruiting.

The fruit trees, from citruses, nectarines to potted apple have fruits. the nectarine should be ready for the harvest soon, as the citrus and the apple have to stay longer to ripen up.

The apple and fig tree have the netting to protect from the bird I am using my old table cloth, hope the fruits do stay and grow bigger until harvest time.  Susan said that we have to share with the birds, she is very kind and generous, I am so proud of my daughter.  I think it is good, but we have only a few fruits on the tree.  The bird did have a taste some fruits they are always ahead of the time from us.

Early in the morning is the time for me to be working in the backyard to water the garden.  In the evening is cooler, the time that the family enjoy the cool evening breeze and relaxed in IT, peacefully being protected by the green wall the tall hedges.


Summer, 2019



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