My Delectable Morsels

Based on the middle eastern dish this delectable little treat is very popular in my family. The girls often ask about it for a nibble in the late evening, fair enough it is easy to prepare. Loukoumades or Greek doughnut takes five minutes to prepare and to cook, in my kitchen.  To have a small bite size is preferable and indeed it is a delight.


A new treat for my family is the doughnut with Turkish Delight filling.  I cooked only yesterday but I could not make a tiny size because of the filling.  And here it’s the preparation and the cooking.

It is sweeter,  serve warm with coffee or tea.

For a change, I cooked a savoury doughnut with Pecorino cheese filling, and my word it’s so delish.   I write down the quantity of the ingredients for you.

Savoury Herb Doughnut with Cheese Filling
Makes 8

95 gr self-rising flour
95 warm water, and a pinch of salt
1 tablespoon mixed chopped fresh herbs, mint, parsley and chives.
55 g Pecorino cheese,  cut to 8 (cubed)
(Mix the ingredients to make a smooth batter to drop spoon consistency)

Oil to fry.

Serve warm as is or with a dipping sauce as you like.

They are indeed delicious, a delectable little morsel.

Love to cook this and serve for the family gets together at any time.

Have ago, cook these delicious little morsels in your kitchen, and have fun!


Until Next Post



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