Pine Stone – Pomelo

Pine Stone

We visited Rome while ago, and I am so fascinated by the beautiful tree and the name is Pine Stone.  The leaf is so green, and the shape of the top tree is broad and roundish that resemble the umbrella – a beautiful canopy.  We saw these trees closely in the Papal garden.  Love to call the tree the Pine of Rome.
Papal Garden

The only souvenir I would like to have was to take one of the trees homes and plant it in the backyard.  Of course, it’s impossible, in fact, I could not get to buy any seedlings.  Just as well, according to the literature, I read the Pine stone can grow very tall and also take a long time to be mature.  No, it won’t be any good to have it in my backyard.

To reminisce about the beauty of the Pine of Rome is to see it through my cooking.  It is a challenge for me, how I go about it and how do I have to deliver it.

The Plan:
The Pine of Rome-Vegetarian Cooking
I have to create the leaves, the branches, the trunk and the fruits.
The leaves made out of leafy vegetables
The trunk and branches-a batter has to be prepared
The fruits made out of Salpicon
(Using Frying technique)

Here it is, it worked well and indeed the Pine of Rome looks absolutely gorgeous.

My Pine of Rome

Often the Pine of Rome standing in a row that makes a beautiful site.

It’s a delicious vegetarian dish was created and enjoyed by the family.  The batter was so light, fried salpicon was soft and the leaf was crunchy.  It’s a success in cooking.


The plant in the backyard is doing so well this year, harvested fruits and they are large enough for their size,  the taste also has improved from last year it’s less bitter, and sweeter.

How to peel Pomelo

To Use and To Serve Pomelo.

Eat it fresh, or add in a fruit salad.  The sweet and sour taste is good to go with fish dishes.

Pomelo salad with Prawns and Mango, Delicious!

Fresh pomelo meat is delicious to eat after the main meal, to clean the palate.

The pith is excellent to preserve in sugar syrup or crystallized with sugar.

Pomelo Mini Cake is a Treat.


A sweet and a creative post, how do you like it?





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