Fougasse and Fruits

Pretty looking bread and it is a French bread the speciality of Provence.

In French cuisine, Fougasse is a type of bread typically associated with Provence but found (with variations) in other regions.  Some versions are sculpted or slashed into a pattern resembling an ear of wheat. (Wikip)

I love the shape, it looks beautiful to serve whole as a part of a spread.  And it is also good as a companion for a meal.  The bread is the best to eat on the day it’s baked, enjoy warm bread straight from the oven.  It freezes well, simply warmed up quickly prior eating.

Baking the Fougasse in My Kitchen.
After proofing the dough, followed by the shaping, and let it a rest for 25 minutes also, then bake the fougasse in a hot oven for 16 minutes.

Freshly Baked Fougasse.

This Fougasse has olives, it is a vegetarian fougasse you could say.  Another popular fougasse is with lardon or bacon.  In fact, you could have sweet fougasse as well, but I never have tried it.

Fougasse for French and focaccia for Italian.  There is a similarity, indeed both are flat bread.

Fuji Apple and Fresh Quinces

Harvesting Apples
The Apples-Fuji Apple

There are two fruits that I have to care of.  One is the Fuji espalier apple tree with the fruits and it is ready to harvest. And the fruit is my fresh quince which I got from the market is ready to preserve.

A good afternoon for me today harvesting and cooking in the kitchen



Preserving Quinces

QuincIMG_7401e is a classic and old fashion fruits, and they are not easily available in the shop.  When it is in season and there is an opportunity to buy, I always do every year.  I poached them and keep for future cooking.  Love the poached quince for the filling of my almond butter cake.
Quince is such ordinary looking fruit, the flesh is creamy with a harsh texture.  But by poaching and braising in syrup for a few hours, the colour from cream change to a radiant ruby colour, amazingly beautiful.
Poaching-Braising Quinces in My Kitchen.

The quinces were braised in syrup with cinnamon stick, clove and bay leaf for over two hours.  I keep in an airtight jar and refrigerated of course.

Baking is one of my plans to be doing soon this Winter.  Keeping the kitchen warm with the aroma of herbs and spices is beautiful and pleasing.  Home Sweet Home.

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