Orchids and Potted Plants

Cymbidium Orchids

Five cymbidium orchids have a lot of buds, soon they will open to full bloom.   Unfortunately the Dendrobium orchids-the Australian native orchids are not flowering this year.

Cymbidium orchid with buds
Cymbidium orchid with buds
Cymbidium with one spike, the first flowering orchid.
Sarah Jane, a cascading cymbidium
Sarah Jane, a cascading cymbidium
Budding Cymbidiug
A stem cymbidium with eighteen buds

Potted plants in the garden.

Bird Nest Fern
Bird Nest Fern
Gardenia is in flower
Ficus Benjamina
Beautiful colour leaves in winter for
this potted maple tree

It is good to have mild winter here in Australia.

I enjoy to work outside in my backyard, and also I am pleased of having potted plants which are very healthy and looking good at the moment.



Hot Pink Cyclamen
Hot Pink Cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen
Pink Cyclamen

Potted Herbs

They are healthy and looking good, soon they will have their rest during the winter, and are coming back in spring.

Hot Oregano

Looking through my kitchen window, I enjoy the beauty of these potted plants, also not too far away these herbs are easily  picked for my cooking.

The  advantage of having potted plants is that you can move them around as you like,  but you have to give  special care such as watering and fertilising regularly.

In the family room a potted cymbidium is flowering, some of the buds started to open, and in the kitchen hot soup is cooking away.


Green Flower of Cymbidium
Green Flower of Cymbidium


Winter Soup Celery and Potato Soup garnished with bay leaf powder.
Winter Soup
Celery and Potato Soup
garnished with bay leaf powder.

In winter my family love hot soup.  I made the best of my potted herbs, used some of them  for cooking the soup.  A snap shot for the first winter soup,  celery and potato soup with fresh mixed herbs.

Recipes for winter soups are coming soon.

Until Next Post