Susi Soto

Hot soup, a delicious home cooking to prevent common colds.  The weather is cooler, and it is late Autumn, we must get ready for Winter, to keep fit, well and healthy.
The soup is chicken soup Javanese style (cooked my way) based on Soto.  I cooked for the family since we have been having a mild cold, it helped us to get better.

Soto-Chicken Soup
After the spices have cooked and released the fragrance, add in the whole chicken to braise
Cooking the herb and spices.



Turn the chicken over, and continue to braise for 10 minutes
Add and stir in two-litre hot water and continue cooking for 19 minutes over medium-high heat.









You don’t need the recipe for this soup, but I love to give you what you need to cook this delicious soup.

The Ingredients: Spices and fragrant herbs (turmeric powder, white pepper powder, nutmeg, fresh lemon grass, fresh ginger and fresh kaffir lime leaves).  And chopped brown onion, garlic and lemon juice)

The meat: a whole bird chicken, wash, and dry.  Fill the cavity with a heaped teaspoon salt, crushed fresh ginger, kaffir lime leaves and lemon juice.  Keep aside.

Parsley and Fried Shallots

This is what I did.
In a big pot,  I sauteed the spices and fragrant herbs for a few minutes, add in a cup of hot water.
Add in the chicken and cook over medium heat for 6 minutes, place the lid on.
Turn the chicken over to cook the other side, and lower the heat, and with the lid on cook for 10 minutes further.  Add some vegetables-carrots, cabbage, spring onion and parsley and add salt to taste.
Now, add in 3 litres of hot water, bring to a gentle simmer, and continue cooking the chicken in the broth for 35 minutes.  Add two teaspoons of sugar to balance the flavour, and adjust the salt, you may need a little extra salt.
To get a better rich broth and a tender meat of the chicken, leave the pot over a very low heat for another 25 minutes.

Serve the soup hot with some chunk of the chicken meat, garnished with fresh parsley, fried shallots and a bowl of steamed rice.
I love to cook the soup throughout the year, and it is very good for colds.  It is raining and wet outside, better be staying in to keep warm.  I think we are on amend now.  Indeed thanks to the soup.

The soup has delicious colourful clear broth, it is simple enough to prepare and the ingredients are easily accessible in the market or supermarkets.  Have Fun in the Kitchen.  Happy Cooking!


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