Potted Plants

Potted Fig plants in my garden are not doing so well,  the fig trees have a few fruits but they will never make it to our table. Well, how wrong I was, nine fig fruits were harvested and they were good enough, not the best but they were sweets and enjoyable to eat.
Two Potted Fig Trees

The fruits were not large, but they have gone a long way, they were eaten fresh, a couple of fruits were useful for garnishes.

The baked middle – eastern flavour chicken was so right to be served with fresh fruit. The spiced chicken was complemented by the delicious fresh fig, it worked well together.

I would have cooked a rice dish with plenty of dried fruit such as apricot and currant to serve with the chicken but I did not need too, we had the fresh fig instead. Green salad with fresh fig is my favourite.
Fresh Fig to garnish sponge cake, not only looks pretty but tastes delicious. We enjoyed these leftover sponge cake from the grandkids last visit.

A New Potted Fruit Plant.
The Potted Espalier Apple Fuji is doing great it has seventeen apples, and I believe they are turning to red soon. I had a question about it, indeed there is a shade of red already. In two months I shall harvest the apples, it is exciting to have something to look forward too.

The apple is turning to a better colour, from green to reddish colour.,
I hope in six weeks time is going to be the harvest, seventeen apples from the potted tree. This time we shall enjoy the fresh fruit, poached apples and apple pies or strudel are easily prepared from the apple of the marketplace.

Beautiful Potted Herb this time of the year is rosemary, love this blue and purplish colour.

It is lovely to garnish savoury or cake for the presentation of the dishes.
The rosemary herb is so good to add to stew, lamb dishes, roast lamb or roast chicken.
Add into savoury scones or home baked olive bread with rosemary is delicious.
Every garden should have this herb, it is very useful.

The Indian Rope Hoya have grown taller and very well established. At the moment it has no flower, but the leaves are shiny and beautiful. It has been flowering once since I got it from my dear Eileen.

Other Potted Hoya has multiplied as the new plants from the cutting are growing successfully.


Potted Abutilon
It is not only a pretty plant with beautiful flowers and lovely leaves but they are deliciously cooked.

Fried abutilon Leaves

Just to catch up what is happening in my garden in regards to my potted plants, overall they are good.  It is late Autumn and moving around the potted plants is a must, such as potted orchids, potted lemongrass, ginger, indeed I am heading a big task. It needs to be done, some of them have to be protected from the cold.


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